The "Dream" to save one`s life RAAM 2018

Participation in the longest long-distance cycle race in the world the Race across America "RAAM" 2018 from east coast to west coast 4800 km in max. 12 days.

Click on the thank you and you get directly to my page with the "THANK YOU" with whom I would like to thank you directly for donations. Of course you can also donate without "THANK YOU" and feel like part of my team. My bank account is Recipient: Christoph Hanle Deutsche Bank, IBAN: DE96 2507 0024 0522 0926 00  As purpose of use please enter your e-mail, all donors I will summarize in a distribution list, where we will send you the daily report of the race.

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News !!!!! :

Among all donors, I'm giving away a weekend in a double room in the hotel Aschenbrenner. I am also suburb so that there is also a possibility for common bike trips, if desired. Many thanks to my good friend Alexandra Kern for the generous donation !!!! 

Project description:

My support team and myself, Christoph Hanle (50), would like to participate in the longest long distance cycling race in the world, Race Across America (RAAM), as an amateur athlete next year. The ultra-long cycle race (about 4940 km over 38.000 vertical meters) runs from the west coast across the US to the east coast. The goal is to complete the race in 12 days maximum.

Through this extreme event, we would like to draw attention to the non professionale resuscitation and we promote "ein Leben Retten 100 pro reanimation"

Team: The amateur cycling team "The Dream" consisting of:

  • Christoph Hanle, Ultracyclist, hobby cyclist, star chef
  • Simon Hanle, team captain
  • Sibylle Baar, doctor
  • Hannah Yelin, physiotherapist
  • Frank & Rico Marschler, mechanic
  • Samuele Hanle, driver
  • Gerald Honold, driver
  • Bernhard Klose, communication

 and the group "ein Leben Retten 100 pro reanimation"


What are the goals and who is the target audience?

The goals are to cover the longest bicycle race in the world in a maximum of 12 days and collect as many donations as possible for our charity partner. The non professionale resuscitation concerns us all, because just as I myself had to experience it once, each of us can come into the situation once to live to resuscitate someone.
As a target group we see all amateur athletes and all people who have difficulties to realize their goals. We want to show everyone that you can achieve your goals and that it is worth

Why would anyone support this          project?

Every supporter can participate in this extreme event virtually via the Internet. Feeling part of the team and gain insight into what can be achieved through physical and psychological strength. Many are motivated to achieve their goals themselves.

At the same time, each supporter participates in creating a greater attention for the layman. The lay resuscitation is very important, because the instant cardiac massage doubles or triples the Chance of survival. It is based on three simple steps: 1.Check, 2. Call, 3.Press.

What happens to the money you            donate?

The money will be used to cover our costs of participating in the longest cycle race in the world (participation fees, airfare, escort vehicles, food and gas). Overall, we expect to cost between 15.000-20.000 €. At the same time, 3% of all donations go to our CHARITY partner "Ein Leben retten. 100 Pro Reanimation“. After deduction of our costs, the donations go 100% to our charity partner. If you want to donate directly to my charity partner, you can get there directly via the "link" behind the logo. You can either support me directly through a donation or by ordering a THANK YOU.